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SOB GROUP OF COMPANIES is not only a name of a company or for business purposes. It is a step towards future, an attempt to create a platform that will provide employment to the youth for better future, desire to grow, service and diversification with professionalism. This is why I moved forward, and committed to establish new standards of customer service, excellence, and quality in all sectors. I am extremely proud to be the CEO of a company which, despite its vast scale of operation, still retains these core values. We are here today because of the confidence and trust that our customers and stakeholders have placed in us. All this have been achieved with the grace of almighty Allah, prayers of my parents and untiring hard work. I am thankful to all the customers and stake holders for their complete faith and trust on SOB Group. We continue to manage our business as per convenience of our clients. I look forward to share my ongoing success as I intend to continue to grow and develop.


SOB Construction

This Is What We Do

SOB Construction is committed to bring everything under one roof. It not only provides every material related to construction and infrastructure building but also acts as a supplier to other construction workers. From providing labor to importing electronic and home automation from gi

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Structural Engineering

Our team is comprised of professional Engineers that posses the experience to arise sky scrappers on any given terrain and conditions. 

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Building & Construction

SOBConstruction takes pride in elevating the building from ground through its vast experiences and exposure. We our equipped with all the modern essential sets of tools that enable us to deliver quality work in less time without compromising on strength of the structure.

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Architectural & Exterior Designing

We believe in ” 1st Impression is the Last Impression”. Looks do define a man`s personality. We @Sobconstruction have a team of subjective Creative Team that excels in designing marvels. Turning an ordinary into a LandMark.

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Interior Designing

Interior Designing is a highly subjective matter. Tastes and perspectives differ but we ensure to provide the best & trending practices, however clients are always welcome to share their ideas and allows us to materialize them as envisioned.

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Landscaping & Green Gardening

Green Revolution has taken over the entire World and vegetation plantation is essential to fight the carbon emissions. We have a team of skilled professional that include Botanists, Interior designers and gardeners that assist you in scaping the lush green orchard that you dream of.

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Wood Works & Finishing

Wood is a quintessential material for building house whether it is used in structural integrity or for decorative purposes. We have an entire team of carpenters dedicated for just that. From building showcases to modern almirah, from furniture to doors and windows and even a fireplace for those cozy warm sensation in the coldest of winters.

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Electrical & Plumbing Works

It is said in the real estate industry that pipes and wires once fitted and finished are very cumbersome to repair or troubleshoot hence we ensure that all the pipe fittings and electrical wires are tested for any sort of malfunction i.e leakages, shocks, etc. so that the clients do not have to worry about these nuances ever again.

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Home Automation

I.T has revolutionised how we communicate but do you know that an ordinary can be converted into an appliance or a communication HUB? don`t sweat let us complain, We @Sobconstruction have the skills to equip your house with automated fans, lights heck even water pumps that you can directly control through an app on phone or schedule them as you wish. 

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Solar In-House Grid

SobConstruction has recognized the electricity blackouts and the damage it incurs upon the today`s lifestyle. Thus we have a team whose sole purpose is to design and deploy a professional grade solar power in-house grid to curb power outages and provide a reliable back up solution.

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SOBConstruction is open, transparent about the quality of products and services it provide. If a client however feels that he just needs the equipment, appliances or any other tool please let us know we shall provide you with that.

  • Water motors/pumps.
  • Electrical sockets
  • Electrical wirings
  • Antique & Gothic designed equipment.
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